Closet Remodel Guide: What you can do


A closet remodel can be fun, especially if your closet is getting disorganized. However, whether you are planning for a major overhaul, or you simply just want some to redesign the closet a bit, Dynamic Home Remodeling in McAllen can help you out. It might sound a bit daunting; it really is not. Here’s what you can do:

Take inventory of what you got

Before you call in the professionals, you should first take an inventory. Take a good look at everything you have and decide if you want to sell, donate or keep it. Once you have separated the clothes, you should put the remaining ones in a neat pile. Perhaps you want to keep the clothes in separate piles. The hanging ones could be in one, the ones that fold can go in another pile. The extras such as your scarves and socks can be kept in a container.

Begin planning the interior

For a close remodel, one of the first things you will do is size up space. You should begin with the left wall and measure everything. You can also sketch out the closet on the graph paper and note everything that seems to be off. For instance, sloped ceilings. This would be easier to show the professionals. Of course, if you are having a problem with this, you can easily call us at Dynamic Home Remodeling, and we can do the measurements for you.

Request Dividers

You might want to request the professionals to begin in dividers. This would help you to organize your stuff more easily. The professionals can easily install it with your shelves. Or perhaps they can take down the shelves and install new ones. The point of a closet remodel is for your closet to look neater and for all your stuff to come in one place.

Have rotators installed

If you are located in RGV or McAllen, you should have rotators installed in, especially if your closet is located in some corner. This would help you to pick out the clothes you want to wear quite easily. If you have some space on the same floor as your closet, perhaps you should put some of your clothes there. Particularly those that you will not be needing. For instance, you will not need a bathing suit in January, so it makes you don’t clutter your closet by keeping it there.

Bring in a designer

If you want the stuff in your closet to be properly arranged, such that it looks good, you should bring in interior designers or any designer. They can arrange your things by gauging the space you have and how much stuff can fit there. It’s easier to let the professionals handle the job as sometimes it can get overwhelming.

Last words

A closet remodel is essential as too much time can be wasted in picking out the stuff you want to wear. Plus, it’s good to have some change once in a while. So if you are located in RGV, Edinburg, McAllen, Mission, Pharr,  or anywhere in the upper valley, you should reach out to us at Dynamic Home Modeling and we’ll help you out.

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